Hemorrhoids are the most common disease, suffered by 15% of the population, men and women alike. Hemorrhoids are a phenomenon exclusive to the human race since it learned to walk on two legs. The phenomenon does not exist in other mammals.

Expressed hemorrhoids pain, bleeding and itching in the anal area. Especially large hemorrhoids also come out of the anus and protrude out. Hemorrhoids Tznohim would cause provisions and spots on the bottom and in addition to the aesthetic aspect. Neglect of care will exacerbate the problem, and sometimes secondary effects, such as anemia, due to bleeding hemorrhoids after returning ports.

Treatment methods:

The classical method – excision of the external hemorrhoids part. This is a good system that has proved itself for decades, but the disadvantage is in excruciating pain after surgery that require hospitalization and intensive care analgesics.
Hemorrhoids laser – similar to the classical method but amputation is performed on the intensity of laser reduces pain after surgery.
THD – method proposed by Dr. Loring, a famous Japanese doctor. Rktoskofih are checked method to diagnose the source of the problem, and then high-tying delicate Hemorrhoid Artery identified with a unique set of one-time ultrasound. This method does not involve pain at all. The treatment is performed under general anesthesia, an epidural or local. The method we recommend wholeheartedly.

Tethering – the perception of hemorrhoid and the rubber band makes the cover base to create Whore necrosis, and Lnsirto. The main complication: pain is very severe and sometimes blood.


This virus is expressed primarily in the homosexual population, and is characterized by many small tumors around the anus. Laser treatment is amputation brief general anesthesia. The origin of virus phenomenon indicates that, in many cases, is likely to recur.
In mild cases can try conservative treatment drops Kondiloks.

Sinus Filondli:

Congenital disease of the skin of the tail bone height expressed the opposite of hair growth with the development of infection.

Symptoms: Pain, redness, heat and discharge.

Treatment: Surgery. Laser surgery allows cleaning the canal and close immediately and return to work within two weeks. This method is superior to the traditional method, its average recovery time is six weeks. This method is not always applicable in cases of a large abscess with a lot of pus which can not be technically close the wound.

Rectal cancer and rectal

Rectal cancer and rectal characteristic for the elderly especially, but not exclusively. The main symptoms: bleeding from the anus, mucous secretions are many, and sometimes having a lump in the anus or rectum higher. In most cases patients attribute these signs hemorrhoids.
The appearance of these signs, often accompanied by weight loss and lack of appetite should set off an alarm and then immediately call for medical examination will include testing and manual testing and Rktoskofit colonoscopy and biopsy.

Essentially surgical treatment. When the surgeon will make every effort to preserve the mechanism of the anus, and today many surgical instruments that allow it.

However, a large increase in low rectal sits very close to the anus will require, for healing, the removal of the rectum and anus and creating a “stoma”, ie connecting the colon to develop in the abdominal wall. Although this option creates anxiety for many patients, the adaptation is very fast, and it’s worth a cure of cancer.